Where I Shop For My Simplistic Style

If I had to name my style it would probably be called simplistic or minimal. You will usually find me in a pair of jeans with either a black or gray top. Sometimes I may get crazy and wear white or throw in a pop of color but that is very rare. My shoes consists of Vans, black boots and flats. Comfort is key for me in the shoe department! I really don't like to have to think about what I'm going to wear or whether it will match. I just like to grab and go.

where i shop
where i shop

I really like my style. It takes little effort and I feel confident and comfortable in the pieces I choose. I don't believe in spending money on fads, I've done that in my younger years and I always ended up feeling like a phony wearing stuff that wasn't my style and that would end up at Goodwill as quick as I bought it. Now I stick to buying quality pieces that cost a little more up front but last me for years. 

Where I Shop


I only discovered Madewell in the last year or so and I love everything about it. They sell quality neutrals and jeans and basic pieces. Their pieces change with the seasons so if you see something you like, you better get it. This store is pretty pricey but the pieces hold up. I am in love with their high rise jeans, they fit like a glove. The prices on jeans can range from $90 on up ( I know, I know) but to me they are worth it. Another cool thing about Madewell is they will take your old jeans (any brand) and recycle them. They use them for insulation on Habitat for Humanity homes. You also get a $20 coupon toward a new pair.  


Before Madewell, the only place I would shop for my jeans is at Gap. That was really the only place that I could find jeans that fit me well. They make short sizes that stretch, which I totally need. I also like getting shirts and sweaters from Gap. Their pieces hold up pretty well also. One complaint I have about Gap jeans though, is when I put on a little weight in my legs the inner thigh of my jeans tend to rub out. I think that area on jeans should be reinforced for women, especially us with thick thighs! Just sayin'.

where i shop


I tend to stock up a lot of neutral t-shirts at Target. They always have some cute tees on sale. They aren't the best quality but they do ok. I can usually get several shirts for under $30 which is a steal. They are great for summer. I usually reach for the Massimo brand because they tend to have a better style. I love v-neck t-shirts and Target has a bunch.  I also like to get my sports bras at Target. They have the C9 brand by Champion which I really like, they really hold up. Sometimes I'll get active wear from there if I see something that catches my eye. 

Shoes & Athletic Wear

where i shop

As I mentioned earlier I pretty much live in Vans Shoes and I usually order these from the Vans store. I also like to wear plain old flats to work which I will pick up anywhere if they are comfortable. I buy my boots on Zappos.com but I've been wearing the same black riding boots for the last 3 fall/winter seasons. It's time for some new ones for sure. For athletic shoes I also purchase them on Zappos.com, it has been awhile since I bought a new pair but I usually go for Nike brand.

For athletic clothing, as I mentioned I'll go to Target, I also have pieces from Lululemon which I love but they are so pricey. Skirt Sports (perks of being an ambassador) and Nike. I also workout in a lot of t-shirts that I've gotten from races I have ran, why not?  

Mejuri (honorable mention)

Another new discovery for me is Mejuri. They are a jewelry store that makes fine jewelry at a fraction of the cost. They have a ton of simplistic pieces and I want one of each. So far I have gotten three pairs of earring from there and I barely take them off.  I have the bold hoops which I finally got for my anniversary after they were sold out forever and they are sold out again sorry. I have the 360 earrings that my sister got me for my birthday, I LOVE THESE. And I have the thumbtack studs which my husband also got me! If you sense a theme here it's because there is one, this is where I've been requesting gift from, Ha! Check them out if you are looking for some fine, dainty, quality jewelry.

To be honest guys, that's just about it. I am a creature of habit and I tend to return to the same things and places when I find something I like. This is not to say I won't pick something up on a whim from other places from time to time but I usually go to these places all the time when I need something new. What about you? What are your favorite store to shop at?