What I'm Reading Lately


I am not a big book reader, I usually start them but never finish them. To be honest I'd prefer to read articles online or magazines. This is actually something I have come to accept. As much as I might want to be a book reader, it's not my thing. I'm going to blame it on having to read so much in college and grad school! 

But, with that being said, every once in awhile I will get the urge to start reading a book  ( usually a small one lol ) and today I'm sharing what I am reading lately. Books & other things.

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs.

This is a devotional and its an easy read. Each day Annie tells you a personal story and encourages you about how Christ created us to be courageous. She also gives scriptures to reflect on and a little task to apply to your life. I've had this book for a couple of months now, I'm on day 10 ... lol. You can get this on Amazon, but I got it on sale at Target. 

100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs

She Reads Truth Bible.

This isn't a book, book but a bible. I wanted to mention it because it is a great study bible that comes with a great community.  The bible they created is a great addition to their website and app. The app is free if you don't want to purchase the bible, and you can read it right on your phone through their app. But sometimes there is nothing like reading from a bible you can hold.

More about She Reads Truth:

She Reads Truth started as a small group of strangers on the internet who wanted to be more intentional about reading God’s Word. What began as a casual conversation is now an entire community of women all over the world in pursuit of Jesus.

God’s Word is a gift, and reading it is a privilege. She Reads Truth cheers on ministries whose mission is to reach the unreached with their very first Bibles. Our mission is to invite the already-reached to reach for their Bibles—every day.

It is our joy to open the living and active Word of God with you daily, to find the gospel of Jesus Christ on every page.
— shereadstruth.com/about/

Pure Wow. (Website) 

I stumbled upon this website while searching Pinterest. It has a ton of great curated articles about lifestyle, wellness, current events, pop culture and more. It has a very clean minimal feel and its easy to navigate. 

pure wow

These are all things I look for in a good website, if the site isn't easy to navigate or has lots of ads and popups I'm probably not reading it. The articles I have read so far seem pretty accurate and legit. You can check it out here. 

What kind of things are you reading lately?