Stress Relief Techniques To Try This Weekend

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I am doing amazing and blessed. I am in a state of cleansing and simplifying and it feels really good. Today I want to share some stress relief techniques you could try this weekend. These techniques always work for me when it comes to relaxing and relieving stress and I wanted to share them with you.  



I know that it can be hard to squeeze in workouts on the weekends, especially when you have a busy schedule. Sports games, errands to run, family events I get it. However, I personally make my workouts a priority. I know that I am not at my best when I haven't exercised. My workouts are a way for me to relieve stress and I don't stop them for the weekend.

 Photo by Justyn Warner via unsplash

Photo by Justyn Warner via unsplash

I actually just wake up a little earlier to make sure I can still get a workout in on the weekends. Keeping your workout schedule can also create a sense of normalcy which also helps with relieving stress. I have several quick workouts on my site you can check them out here if you are looking for some ideas.

Take a bath or shower using aromatherapy.

Baths are usually a great way to relieve stress. It gives you some alone time to relax and unwind. When you don’t have time for a bath you can use a relaxing shower gel or massage oil. The scent of the gel in the heat of the shower is very relaxing. When I use relaxing shower gels or bath bombs I literally want to go straight to sleep after.

 Photo by  Jared Rice  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Some of my favorite bath gels are from the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy collection. And a friend of mine has started making natural handmade relaxation items including bath salts, shower and bombs. She currently has a Mothers Day special going on check it out below:

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Enjoy your family.

The weekends are the time of the week that many of us get to see family members that we haven't had a chance to connect with much during the busy week. I'd like to encourage you to make the best of the time you have with your family and really be present with them.


If there are some issues that need to be addressed, address them then let it go. We only get one family and we don't get much time with them, reflecting on good memories and making new memories can help relieve the stress. I have gotten out of some ruts by laughing and having a good time with my family.

Those are just a few of the stress relief techniques I use and I think you could use as well. What are some things you do to relieve stress?