Simple Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses

Over the years I have found that I would much rather spend my money on making memories and purchasing things that I REALLY want. I have also recognized that in the past that I would pay a lot of money on things that I didn't really use and even some things that I could get for free or very cheap. Today I want to encourage you to stop paying for these items if you want to save money.

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses (

Cut Cable Television.

Stop paying for cable television today! IF your contract is up that is...there are several affordable services that allow you to watch the shows you love at a fraction of the cost of cable. Before renewing your cable for another month, check out services such as Netflix (starting at $7.99 per month) and Hulu (starting at $7.99 per month).

They have most of the shows we all love and you can watch them one day after they've aired for the most part. Another thing I love about these services is we don't have to watch any commercials.

Think of it this way, most cable television subscribers pay for nearly 200 cable channels to only end up watching their favorite 3 or 4 channels. SO not worth it. I currently only have Hulu and Netflix and I don't feel like I am missing a thing except a $170 deduction from my bank account! Money saved: About $154.00 per month

Stop Buying Magazines.

I'll admit that back in the day I used to be a magazine junkie. I used to buy all the fitness magazines on the shelf at Barnes and Noble. I would read them all and then have them collecting dust for years after. After awhile I started to feel like all of the magazines had the same content and a TON of ads mainly supplements!

I also realized that paying up to $6.00 a magazine was beginning to be extremely expensive. Needless to say I have dropped that habit and now turn to websites like Pinterest and online magazines to find the same information for FREE and without the ads and dust. Money saved: About $25.00 per month

stop paying for these items if you want to save money

Say NO to Bottle Water.

Unless you do not have access to clean drinking water, buying bottled water is a waste of money and a burden on the environment. I suggest you go out today and invest a little money in a reusable water bottle. This will save you money in the long run and help save our environment. The only times I will purchase bottled water now, is if I forget my reusable water bottle at home or on the rare occasion a purchase an alkaline water.  Money saved: About $14.00 a week

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Buy Generic Brand Grocery Store Items.

It is true that there some name brand food items that taste better than generic, so I am not telling you to stop buying the items you have a taste preference for. I would suggest that now and again you try out some generic brands and you may be surprised at the quality or taste. You will also be surprised at the money you save.

I have recently started buying more generic brand items when I shop, especially things like trash liners, dryer sheets and even paper towels. Many of these item work just as well if not better than the same name brand items. Money saved: Your choice


These are just a few of the Simple Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Expenses 

Can you add any ideas to this list?

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