Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018

It's officially Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) Week! As I mentioned in my last post I am teaming up with Be Good To People to spread kindness this week. I am starting off with a giveaway on my Instagram page.

 Enter on Instagram @simplyivannamarie

Enter on Instagram @simplyivannamarie

I am also going to be following some of the prompts from Be Good To People and I invite you to also. Below are the prompts for each day this week. Of course you can always use your own ideas.

RAOK Week Themes

On Monday 12th, our theme is “Be Good To People Who Have Been Good To You”. We would like to encourage everyone in the office to write at least one, but preferably 3 handwritten notes, emails or texts to someone who has been kind to you or made a difference in your life and you haven't expressed gratitude to them (at least lately). The idea is to surprise these people with a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude.

On Tuesday 13th, our theme is “Be Good To People Keeping Us Safe and Healthy” where we are going to acknowledge first responders, police, nurses etc. The BGTP team will be delivering cookies to the Eagle Fire Station and Paramedics or nurses at the hospital.

On Wednesday the 14th it's Valentine’s Day, but also “Be Good To People Who May Be Missing Their Valentines” Day :)

We are going to focus on military families who have members of their family deployed, or individuals who simply can’t be with their loved ones (seniors, single moms, etc.).  

“Be Good To People Who Educate Our Kids”, is our theme for Thursday the 15th. We are encouraging people to recognize teachers, school administrators, school counselors, coaches, piano teachers, grandparents, whomever in your life has been an educational influence on your kids. Perhaps by gifting an inspirational book, write down their best qualities or by helping clean up the classroom. The BGTP team will be having pizzas delivered to the teacher break rooms at all of our local schools. This is that 5% fund at work, folks! :-)

Friday, February 16th is, “Be Good To People Randomly” for example by carrying peoples groceries, smile at strangers, holding someone’s door etc. This is what our buddy Michael Chase of The Kindness Center likes to call "Freestyle." Just getting out there and randomly making people's days. Little things, big things, freestyle it!

Saturday, February 17th, our theme is “Be Good To People Working Weekends”. We are recognizing people who are working on weekends by leaving Goodies with people working in customer service, hospitality, healthcare, bus drivers, volunteers, you name it. Let's come up with special ways to acknowledge those people who are giving up their weekends to help others. 

And on Sunday, February 18th to finish off our fantastic week of Random Acts of Kindness, we are going to “Be Good To People Including Yourself”. Because we can only Be Good To People if we take care of ourselves as well.

I also have a discount code for you all to get 15% off at the Be Good To People store. The code is SIMPIVRAK18. I will also receive %5 of those sales if you order just FYI. They have some really cute stuff, go check them out.

That's all for today friends, get out there and be kind this week!