Lower Body Medicine Ball Workout

This post is in collaboration with Rep Fitness all ideas and opinions are my own.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Rep Fitness a local Colorado fitness equipment store. They have a ton of high quality workout equipment including everything from dumbbells to squat racks. Here is a little more about them from their website:

Small Business Values: Rep Fitness is a small, family owned business started in 2012 by 2 brothers with a love for fitness. We are dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality gear.

Knowledge: Rep Fitness is a REAL fitness equipment company located in Colorado! Not only do we make great gear, but we use it too!

Customer Service: We stand behind every product we sell. If something isn’t right we will work with you until it is.

Quality: We never cut corners on quality and never will. Our gear is designed for modern training regimens and will stand by you on your hardest day.

Selection: Getting a PR is hard, but getting great gear shouldn’t be. We carry a full line of modern fitness gear from adjustable benches to kettlebells.

Information: We have a user review area for every product we carry, so whether you loved it or hated it, you can let the world know and help guide others to the right gear.
— Rep Fitness

I love trying out new equipment so when they reached out to work with me I couldn't refuse. I have been wanting to try one of the fabric medicine ball because they are super durable and can be used for several different workouts. I ordered the 20 pound ball from Rep Fitness which I'll admit was a little heavy at first but is giving me something to work toward for building strength.

Overall the ball is very high quality, easy to grip and has quality stitching through out. There also a couple of grips on the side and fabric rings to help you pick the ball up easier. I will be ordering other equipment from their site now that I know their items are such high quality.  

Rep Fitness

Today I am sharing the lower body workout I have been doing using the medicine ball. You don't have to have the same kind of ball to do this workout and you can even use dumbbells. Be sure to watch your form when doing these moves and try to do the workout two times through for best results. (workout disclaimer)

Lower Body Medicine Ball Workout


Let me know if you try out this workout, also be sure to check out Rep Fitness if you are in the market for some new quality fitness equipment.