Darkness Shouldn't Drive Out Light

For the last 21 Days or so I have been seeking the Lords face for purpose. What is my purpose? What does he require from me? What should I be doing to glorify him? Last week I shared with you guys why I was taking another social media break, I needed to do that to have clarity during this time. 

Be the light

I even went back and read that post and I thought "Ivanna maybe that was a little dramatic" but it was what I needed to do, again, to hear from the Lord. 

Anyway I was a little overwhelmed with how some of you reached out to me and said you missed me and my posts. Some of you said my posts inspired and motivated you. I even received a few texts that said the same. This really means a lot to me you guys, Thank you! 

I'll have to admit I have been running away. Running away from the bad news, injustice, impurity and how inauthentic the media is becoming. To be honest I just wanted to escape it all. But during this time of reflection and seeking the Lord's face I realized that I can't just escape things that I don't like, I have to continue to be the light even when it's hard.

Over the past few weeks the Lord has shown me that if I am going to live for him in this world, I won't like and agree with everything that goes on and that's mainly because I wasn't made to. But for now, it is my responsibility to be the light shining in the darkness, and be the light for people who need light.

I realize that running away from things that I don't like isn't the way to handle things. I have to face those things and be who I want to see in the world. Anyway friends I just wanted to come on here and encourage you and me, to continue to do what you're doing. To to Continue to be the light and I will do the same! 

Hope you guys have a blessed weekend.