3 Things to Know About People With Anxiety

If you are new to my blog hello and welcome. To give you a quick history on my anxiety story, in 2012 I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. My anxiety was triggered by a short notice tour in Afghanistan of over 6 months.  

This was a very hard time in my life and it took time, prayer, fasting and behavioral therapy to help me to get the anxiety under control. I used holistic lifestyle changes, diet changes, exercise and meditation to help me cope with anxiety.

When the anxiety I experienced was at its peak I felt hopeless, afraid and alone. I was trapped by fear and I never thought I would get out of that state. With the changes I mentioned above, God delivered me from the severe anxiety that I had. I still experience anxiety but I have learned how to manage it. 

Anxiety is an invisible illness and even though you can't see that a person has it, it is very real. Sometimes people who have never experienced anxiety may think it is something that people who have it just need to get over or snap out of. Believe me, it's not that easy! Today I wanted to share 3 things you should know about people with anxiety.

3 Things to Know About People With Anxiety

1. They can't just "stop" it.

If a person with anxiety could stop feeling anxious trust me, we would. The feeling that something is wrong with you when there isn't visible proof is the worst feeling in the world! During my worst days, I would wish I had an injury that people could see and I could treat externally because then I'd know it was really there and I wasn't just crazy. So please if you have someone in your life that suffers with anxiety, please don't tell them to just stop or snap out of it. I found that to be the most hurtful thing ever, which leads me to my next point...

2. They do not behave anxiously for attention.

The last thing I want when I am feeling anxious is to get attention. I literally want to run away and hide in the most isolated place on earth. Being around people only increased my anxiousness and panic. Most people who suffer with anxiety are not looking for attention but are seeking support and someone who understands how they feel.


3. The symptoms are real.

When I was suffering with severe anxiety I literally could not breathe. I would constantly take deep or shallow breaths trying to get air. This in turn would make me feel light-headed and like I was going to pass out. My extremities would begin to tingle and my mouth would get extremely dry with cotton mouth. Our brains are very smart and can cause our bodies to behave in ways that would mimic a physical illness or health issue.

I have found that even though I wasn't in actual danger, when my brain felt it was, my body would react to those thoughts and the physiological effects that I would feel were real.


It's important to note that everyone's experiences with anxiety is different. These are some of the things I have experienced personally and have had other people with anxiety tell me they experienced as well. 

I hope that this post can bring a little more understanding about the large population of people who suffer from anxiety. I would ask that you seek to understand and support the person in your life that may be suffering and not judge them.

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Important Disclaimer: The information in this post in are for informational purposes only. The things included are things I personally experienced and techniques I used. This WILL NOT work for everyone. I am NOT a doctor or a mental health professional. Please do not substitute the advice of a doctor for any information given in this post or on this website. If you are experiencing severe anxiety please seek help from a doctor.Image Source: Unsplash