How I Fight The Monday Blues

Let's face it, many people dread Mondays. For some, the thought of going to work Monday morning causes stress and anxiety all day on Sunday. This causes them to miss out on enjoying an entire day of their weekend, not cool!

I've been guilty of this and it's not a good feeling. We shouldn't dread going to work and although we may not enjoy our jobs or like our coworkers, we should not allow this to affect our mental and physical health.

In order to get over the feelings of dread and stress of Monday mornings, I made a conscious decision to separate my personal and work life. This would mean I did not focus on what's to come at work Monday on my off days. Here are a few other ways I fight the Monday Blues.

I began to look at my job as a blessing.

There are many people in this world who are without work, they would love to have the job I am doing and make the money I make. Reflecting on this fact alone gives me a better attitude about Monday. It is truly a blessing to have a stable well-paying job in this day and age, so for having one I am truly grateful.

I created an enjoyable work environment.

I have to be at my office 3 days a week for 8 hours on those days (I work from home 2 days a week). For the days I have to be in the office, I have created an organized enjoyable work space. I have put things in my cubicle that make me happy so these are the first things I see when I get to my desk.

Pictures of my family, trinkets I enjoy and even signs with positive affirmations make my Mondays a little bit brighter. I encourage you to bring a few things to work that make you happy and perhaps remind you of something you enjoy.

I reduced work-related stress.

One last way I fight the Monday blues is by reducing work-related stress. I understand that some parts of work stress you cannot control, but reducing it where you can makes things a little better. For instance, every Friday before I leave work I clean my desk and sort through my email.

These small actions allow me to walk into a peaceful environment on Monday. Keeping a messy desk and a cluttered inbox adds unnecessary stress and we should work to eliminate added stress whenever possible.

I know everyone's work situation is different, however, I encourage you to simply take the first step of looking at your job as a blessing. I believe this in itself will make Monday's much better for you also.

I hope these tips help! Have a wonderful Monday!

♡ Ivanna



Image credit: Unsplash