This is 36 (Thirty-Six)

This is 36 (Thirty-Six)

On Saturday I turned 36. It sounds weird even typing it. I don't feel 36 and I'm told I don't look 36 ... but I am. First, I thank God for allowing me to see 36 years because there were days in my life I didn't think I would. Today I'm sharing some reflections and goals for 36.

Some things that I am at 36:

I am satisfied with my life.

I focus more on things and people who matter.

I no longer force myself to be extroverted when clearly, I'm an introvert.

I embrace my flaws.

I no longer care if people like me.

My faith is my own.

I say what I feel and mean, tactfully of course!

I don't do things that I don't want to do, I've learned to say no.

I focus less on appearance, and more on health.

I try not to compare myself to others.

I dress how I want, not how I think I should (according to society).

I've learned to be okay with being still.

Some things I pray to be at 36:

Be closer to God, seek His face and will more.

Become as healthy as I have ever been.

Become Bolder.

Be a better wife and mother.

Be more present.

Try a few new things.

Get out of my comfort zone more often.

Continue my minimalism journey.

Serve others more often.

Live my life to the fullest.

This is 36 (Thirty-Six)

♡ Ivanna

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