My Top Minimalism Websites

Hello again friends today I want to let you in on My Top Minimalism Websites. My wonderful cousin told me recently that she was inspired by my minimalist lifestyle and asked me for some resources to help her get started. This gave me the idea to write a post for others who might be curious about learning more about minimalism.

On my minimalism journey, I have come across some excellent resources that have taught me what minimalism really is and how I can incorporate it into my life. I have learned that minimalism isn't all about throwing away all of your stuff and living on nothing.

Instead it is more about keeping the things that bring you the most joy and things that improve your life, instead of bog you down. I have found that removing excess "things" from my life has made me feel a lot happier and a lot more at peace.

Sometimes these "things" can be actual items, but can also be people, habits, commitments and mental baggage that don't add joy or value to your life.

I believe people can underestimate the power of letting stuff go.  When we put our hope and value in stuff we can miss out on what is really important in life.

Here are a few sites that helped me find that power. I will just share a basic list in hopes that you will take the time and visit these sites. I promise they are worth a visit!

My Top Minimalism Websites

Light by Coco

The Minimalist


Jenny Mustard

Marie Kondo

Becoming Minimalist

Well friends that is all I have for you today! Have an amazing one.