My Top Resources For Money Management

I have a thing for money management. Saving money, paying off debt, budgeting...I kinda get obsessed with it. Now, there are times when I get off track with my budget or spend a little too much, so I'm not claiming to be perfect in this area. However I do enjoy it and I feel I do pretty well with it and love learning more about the topic.

I specifically enjoy managing the finances in our home and making sure everything is in order and paid on time. We are talking money here btw, not, let me clarify that...haha I'm terrible at math! Anyway, today I want to share with you some of my favorite money management resources, hopefully you will find them helpful as well.

All things Dave Ramsey.

If you have read any of my previous finance posts, you'd know that we follow the Dave Ramsey Plan in our home. His website is actually a one stop shop for financial management and planning and I could probably direct you to his site and stop this post here...but I won't ;)

On the Dave Ramsey website you will find tools about budgeting, getting out of debt, saving for retirement and more. He's a little blunt in his delivery but he knows his stuff.

Every Dollar.

Every dollar is a free budgeting tool created by the Dave Ramsey crew to help you budget each month. I love the app and I use it every month now (some stricter than others).

It is very helpful for seeing exactly where your money is going each month AND where you want it to go. They also have an app for iPhone and android which is great for on the go budgeting.

Rachel Cruze Show (YouTube Channel).

Like I told you guys I'm a little obsessive when it comes to financial management and sometimes I do random YouTube searches about the topic. Rachel Cruze is actually Dave Ramsey's daughter (go figure) but she has her own unique brand that is geared to the younger crowd. She talks about budgeting, saving money, building wealth and family topics. I really like her.

Rachel Cruze Show

Check out her channel, she uploads pretty frequently which I like as well.


I know this is one you may not have expected but I love PayPal (besides the fees). PayPal makes it easy for me to keep track of my business income and keeps me from mixing business and personal. For most of my payments I accept PayPal and use their business features to help me stay on track for tax purposes.

I still have a business bank account but I find going through PayPal just gives me a secondary check on what is coming in for business.

Banking App.

Lastly, I know just about everyone has done this, but if not download your banks phone app! Having one makes it so much simpler to check your account. You should be checking your back account weekly, if not daily to make sure payments have cleared, there are no over drafts and that there is no fraudulent activity on your account.

I check mine daily...multiple times...Ha I told you I'm obsessive! Anyway I couldn't live without my banking app, best money management tool ever!

So friends those are a few of my top money management resources, I hope you can use some of these tips for managing your money as well!

What's your favorite money management resource?

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