5 Things I Love About Coffee

As I'm sitting here on this quiet Saturday morning, reading blogs and sipping, you guessed it coffee.  I approached the bottom of my mug I started to think about some of the reasons I love coffee so much. So I decided to share a few of them on my blog today.

The Taste.

Obviously the number one thing I love about coffee is the taste. I love it when my coffee is the perfect balance of bold and creamy. Do not give me watery coffee...I will pour it out! I love the taste of coffee so much, I even drink bold varieties of decaf (gasp) yes decaf. Sometimes I want the taste without the pick-me-up.

5 Things I Love About Coffee

The Emotion.

I know this may sound weird but coffee brings out an emotion in me. The emotion of comfort, happiness and warmth. It's like an instant mood booster for me. Having coffee with my quiet time devotional is like heaven on earth ;)

The Shops.

I love visiting coffee shops. Especially ones off of the beaten path. The small hipster ones that you find hidden away in towns and cities. At these shops is where you can find the ambiance you crave while drinking great coffee as well as other coffee aficionados.

The Company.

I love bringing my husband, family and friends to coffee shops with me. I think they are the best places to catch up, connect and laugh. To me there's nothing like a great cup of joe to bring people together.

The Productivity Boost.

Although I don't always drink coffee for an energy boost, sometimes I do. I find that having a cup of coffee while I'm working helps me to think clearer, create better content and work for a longer period without getting distracted. I just have to make sure I only have one cup or else I'll be jumping off the walls.

The one things I dislike about coffee though is...when its gone! :(

What about you? Do you share my love for coffee?

Have a great weekend!

♡ Ivanna