How I Plan My Workouts

I believe that planning and scheduling your weekly workouts is an important step to actually doing them. When I don't have a plan, I am more likely to skip my workout or do something mediocre that I end up feeling was a waste of time. Today I want to share with you  how I plan out my weekly workouts. I am also including a printable that you can use if you have no idea where to start or just need something quick to do one day.

Make time. 

The first thing I do is look at my calendar and see what kind of time I have to work with during the week. For the most part I keep my workouts under an hour so I try to fit them in before work or after I finish cooking dinner (if it's my night to cook).

Once you decide on a time, make it a regular occurring appointment with yourself, adjust only when absolutely needed. This creates a habit.

Do what you like. 

The next thing I do is find a workout program that I actually enjoy doing. I am currently doing the BBG program because it is fast and effective. Don't make plans to do a workout you don't enjoy because you probably won't stick with it. No Zumba for me!

Write it down.

I am a pen to paper kind of person. I like to write down my workouts or use a calendar to tick off the days I have completed a workout.

ACTION ITEM: Today, buy a cute planner or make one using your email calendar and start tracking the workouts you do each day.

Seeing a visual of the progress you have made is a motivator in itself. Here is a calendar I created with a basic cardio/strength training plan. Let it be an example of how you can make your calendar (Easiest 6 Week Workout Plan)

Use your plan. 

Lastly, in order for your plan or my plan to work, we have to use it. As I mentioned earlier, once you have created and scheduled your workout plan for the week or month, try not to deviate from it.

Take these workouts seriously and treat them like you would an appointment you have with someone else.

You are your most important client.

Do you plan your workouts or just wing it?

♡ Ivanna