3 Ways to Adopt a Healthy Mindset and Lifestyle

If I had a dollar for the amount of times I've had someone tell me "I wish I could eat healthy" or "I wish I could workout like you do". I think I'd be able to buy a new pair of Nike's! I could probably end this post right here by saying the main way to adopt a healthy mindset and lifestyle is to just DO IT!

Trust me I don't always want to eat healthy and I don't always want to workout, I just do it (so many Nike references...umm Nike, where's my check?!) With that being said, I know it isn't that easy for some people. Here are a few ways that I find helpful when aiming to Adopt a Healthy Mindset and Lifestyle.


The first way really isn't to far off from what I mentioned above, and that it to:

#1. Decide to be healthier.

Making a plan or setting a goal to be a healthier person is the first step to becoming one. If you are the person above who continues to say, "I wish I could" without taking any action, let me tell you...wishes are for birthdays and even then you have to take some type of action to make that wish come true. I know we've all heard the quote "don't wish for it, work for it" and that is so real. Make a decision to be healthier and then make a plan of how you will do it.

#2. Create an atmosphere for success.

The next thing to do it to create an atmosphere for success. Do this by removing unhealthy things from your environment and adding in healthier options and routines. If you have a goal to eat healthier, make that goal easier to achieve by removing unhealthy foods from your house and replace them with healthier food options.

If you have a goal to workout more, start by selecting an exercise routine that you enjoy and that you will stick to. Also, schedule this workout into your day like a serious appointment you are more likely to stick to it.

Make sure to start off slow so you won't get burned out too quickly and quit your routine. One of the main reasons that people don't succeed in their healthy lifestyle and fitness goals is they quit too soon. Change takes time, create a process and stick with it.

3 Ways to Adopt a Healthy Mindset and Lifestyle

#3. Believe in yourself.

The last thing you can do to adopt a healthy lifestyle and mindset, is to believe you are already the healthiest person you know. I know personally when I tell myself that I am healthy I make healthier choices. Most of this process is really all in your mind.

The next time you are stuck between a rock and a hard place or a donut and an apple, remind yourself that you are now leading a healthy lifestyle and the apple fits more into your new lifestyle than the donut. After a little while of doing this, it will become second nature. BUT every once in a while choose the donut, that is the difference between it being a lifestyle and just a "diet".

I hope you find these tips useful in helping you adopt a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Can you add any tips to my list?