Ivanna Marie


I'm Ivanna, a follower of Jesus, wife and mom of two. I love to encourage people whenever possible & like to take a simpler approach to life. You can usually find me drinking a cup of coffee, running or working out. I also enjoy visiting those trendy coffee shops whenever I can. I'm an introvert at first but I open up when I get to know ya! I'm an Air Force Veteran originally from Texas and currently living in the Denver Colorado area.


After suffering from PTSD and General Anxiety Disorder for several years, I have been able to control my anxiety through prayer, fasting, and healthy living all in which I share about on my site. Living simply and taking a minimalist approach to life also helps to keep calm and anxiety free. I love sharing things that have helped me in hopes of encouraging others.

On this site I share tips and information that help me live my life fully and free. My ultimate goal is to build a community of people who do the same.

I hope you find something of value here today!

Thank you for visiting.